Sam’s Club promotion: How to get a new job

Sam’s club has announced its promotion of an employee who left for a new role within the club.

Sam’s Club is a club owned by Sam’s owner Sam Kamin and he announced on Thursday that he would promote James “Sam” Miller to the position of associate general manager of the club, which is located at the same address in North Hollywood as his Sam’s restaurant, the Sam’s Grill and Bistro.

Miller is also an assistant coach at the University of Florida and is currently an assistant at the UConn men’s basketball program.

The promotion comes after the Sams Club announced earlier this year that it would close its former location in the Hollywood Hills and move into its new Los Angeles location.

Miller is not the only Sam’s employee to leave the club over the past year.

In February, the club announced that it was selling the restaurant’s former Sam’s Bar and Lounge and replacing it with a new Sam’s Cafe.

Miller’s promotion comes a week after Sam’s announced plans to open a Sam’s Pub and Lounge in Los Angeles, which it is calling Sam’s City Pub.

Sam’s is the latest major restaurant chain to open locations in L.A. after it acquired Sam’s Burger King in September.