How Taco Bell is using the #IAmTacoBell hashtag to promote its own promotions

Taco Bell has joined the list of companies using the hashtag #IamTacoBeats to promote the company’s promotions, including a new limited-time promotion.

The #IAMTacoBeat has launched with the announcement of a new ad campaign that features a Taco Bell mascot with a new logo and the slogan “The Taco Bell Story.”

The ad campaign, which will run on billboards throughout the country, is part of Taco Bell’s push to promote itself to more than 2.6 billion Twitter followers.

The new campaign features a new character, an animated mascot named Taco Bell, and a message that reads, “We’re the best in the world at telling the story of our food and its impact on your life.”

The campaign was first announced last year.