What books should you read this year?

This year, Mashable is taking a look at what books to read, what they are worth and why.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five best titles this year, and we’ve rounded up our top picks for your reading pleasure.


The Book of the Month: The Last Days by Thomas M. Ward (Simon & Schuster) The Last Day by Thomas Ward is an exploration of the meaning of life.

The story follows the last days of a man whose life is changed forever when his wife is killed.

Ward’s story, which centers around the death of a young man, resonates with the struggles of people facing their own mortality.

Ward tells the story of the loss of a family member, and his search for meaning and meaninglessness.

The Last Week: A Tale of Two Cities by Margaret Atwood (Bantam) The last week of August has come and gone, and yet, Margaret Atosoft’s The Last Word remains one of my favorite books of the year.

Atososoft is a true classic, and it deserves a place on this list because of its unique message about life.

This book is full of beautiful imagery and the words “The Last Week” are a timeless phrase.

In the last weeks of August, when you’re faced with the unthinkable, think about how you can live the last week with dignity and optimism.


The Book of Two Worlds by John Scalzi (Tor) This dystopian science fiction novel is a classic that I am always looking forward to reading.

It has everything you want in a book: an intriguing plot, a great story, and great characters.

But in the best way possible: The Book has an amazing cast.

The book is set in the near future where humans have been given the power to create artificial intelligence, creating a super-powered world of machines.

This super-intelligent AI creates a new race of humans called the Humans, who are able to think, speak, feel, and control their own bodies.

These Humans have been trained to act in the most selfish ways possible, with one exception: They do not create artificial life.

Instead, they create artificial artifacts called Life Forms, which allow them to live the most fulfilling lives possible.

They also create a world that is controlled by the AI.

The humans use these artifacts to control the world through a system known as The System.

These artifacts include the ability to kill, the ability for the Humans to control other Humans, and the ability of the humans to create Life Forms.


The Shadow and the Light by Karyn Kusama (HarperOne) Kusama’s debut novel The Shadow has a unique message.

It tells a story about love, power, betrayal, and redemption.

This story is also a tale of the death and rebirth of a powerful woman.

The author has the courage to tell her own story in a way that will have you rooting for her, even though you know the ending will be different.

Kusama is a powerful writer and a strong voice in our society today.

I’m excited to read The Shadow, which is set during a time when our society is trying to change its course and face a terrifying future.


The Time Machine by Neil Gaiman (Random House) This science fiction classic has a timeless message: Everything you ever wanted to know about the future, is right there in front of you.

This time machine tells the tale of a boy named Daniel who, after a mysterious illness that causes him to have dreams that he can only describe as “silly, silly things,” travels back in time to the year 1900 to save his family.

The boy’s journey takes him from the city of New York to the city he grew up in, and he finds his family in the midst of the devastation of World War I. 5.

The Day the Earth Stood Still by Toni Morrison (Harvill Secker) In Morrison’s new novel The Day The Earth Stowed Still, a young girl’s parents are forced to abandon their children when they learn of the Great Flood.

The girl’s family must leave their home in Iowa to seek safety on the other side of the world.

The flood is caused by a nuclear meltdown at a nuclear reactor.

Morrison’s novel is written in the form of a children’s storybook, and this is the first time that she has attempted to tell this story as a young adult.

Morrison is an incredible writer who has written so many amazing books.

Her newest novel is one of the best books of this year.

If you like books that are a little bit more adult-oriented, this one is for you.


The Martian Chronicles by Alex Garland (Tor Books) Garland has created a world of mystery that is filled with intrigue and action.

In The Martian, you are in a world where humans live on a planet that is dying.

The crew of the USS Endeavour, an interstellar exploration ship, are trying to stop the Martian invasion.

The ship is attacked by an alien race known as