Why Uber has a new way to promote itself

The latest from TechCrunch on the Uber-Lyft merger:Uber is expanding its promotional platform to include Lyft.

The app now lets you use Lyft to promote your own rides and services, rather than having to do it on the official Lyft app.

This is similar to what’s happening with Uber’s other ridesharing partners, like Sidecar, but Uber has also added a new promotion feature.

It’s called Promote Only Fans, and it lets you link to an Instagram post from your own account or from your favorite influencers on the ride-hailing platform.

Here’s how it works: When you add a promo code, you can promote your ride for a set number of days.

You can promote multiple rides, but the maximum number of promotions per day is 10.

You also have the option to create a custom promo video, which is essentially a Facebook post that’s posted in your own channel.

If you want to use a different influencer, you have to choose a different promo video to promote them.

The Instagram post is then automatically promoted on the Lyft app for a certain period of time.

The influencer you selected in the Instagram post gets a link to their post, where they can post their own promo video for free.

You get to choose which influencers you want and the duration of your promotion.

If the influencer is a brand or brand partner, they get to post a promo video in their own channel, with their own photo.

If you have multiple influencers, you get to promote a promotional video for each influencer on your channel.

You’ll see the video for the influencers who have already posted their own promotional videos, which you can choose to promote on their own or your own platform.

For instance, if you have 4 influencers with 6 promotions each, you’d see a promo for 4 influents.

And if you add the same influencer with 2 promotions each and they have 1, you’ll get a promo on 1 influencer.

The maximum number per day you can do this is 10, so this is not as complicated as it might sound.

Here’s a look at what you can get out of this feature:Here’s how you can use it on Lyft:Once you’ve set up the promo code on your account, you could share it on your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

You could also use it to promote other rides like Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar.

But the best part about this is that it’s an extension of the Uber promotional platform, which means you can now add a new promotional video every day and get access to new promotions.

The Lyft promotion page now looks like this:Here are some of the highlights from the Lyft promotion:There’s also an option to use Promote only Fans for your own influencers.

The company says this feature allows for you to promote only one influencer at a time, instead of promoting multiple influencer promotions for a wider audience.

You still have to use your own branded Instagram and/or Facebook page to promote the promotional video, but you can also link to your own Instagram post or post directly from your Lyft account.

For example, you might link to the following Instagram post, but it would promote the promo video on your Lyft channel.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind:There are also a few caveats to this feature.

You’re limited to 10 promotional videos per day, so you’ll only get 10 promotional posts per day.

You don’t get to set a duration for your promotion, but this is to keep the promotion from spreading too far.

You do get access only to promotions you have created, so if you’ve posted a promo you’ve created, you don’t have to post it again.

You won’t be able to link to posts from any other Lyft accounts or channels, and you can’t link to multiple influent posts.

The promotional video is also only available on Lyft’s app for the duration the promotion has lasted, so it’s best to do this with Lyft’s other partners.

You cannot create a promotional YouTube video.

Lastly, if the promotion is too long, you will be required to cancel it.

If that happens, you won’t get access back to the promo.