Applebee’s is set to offer $5,000 bonuses to new staff

Applebee`s is set, in the coming weeks, to offer employees bonuses of up to $5 and incentives for returning to the company.

The bonus scheme, which will be available to all new staff, is aimed at attracting more female workers and increasing the number of employees who are fluent in Mandarin, an essential skill in the job.

It follows the introduction of an additional bonus for those who have been in Australia for at least three months.

While Applebee has been a major player in the Chinese food industry, it is not the only Chinese restaurant chain that has been keen to increase its female workforce.

Earlier this year, it launched a women`s empowerment program that offers financial support to young women who want to pursue a career in the industry.

Applebee` s announcement follows that of rival Waitrose, which announced in January that it was adding a new incentive scheme for staff.

Waitrose has also increased its bonus offers for those workers who have worked at the chain for three months or more, but it has not made any announcement about its plans to offer similar incentives to new hires.

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