Best Bank promotions offer discounts for gift cards

Bankers in Israel and the West Bank will be able to get special discounts on gift cards starting Monday as part of a pilot program by the nation’s largest lender.

The new program is the first such program to offer discounts on bank gift cards.

The discount is valid on purchases made with a bank card in Israel or the West to people in Israel, the West bank and the Gaza Strip.

The promotion will run until July 24, with the final discount starting on July 29.

According to the bank, gift cards are among the most widely used consumer goods in the country, accounting for about $1.7 trillion of purchases per year.

“We want to help customers who are trying to make purchases with gift cards, and we are working with the government to make it easier to do so,” said Moti Katz, head of credit and finance at Bank Leumi.

“There are a lot of people who are in a pinch, and it is good to offer something that is easier to use.”

The bank said it is also encouraging customers to check their credit history, as the discount could save them up to $1,000.

The promotion is part of the Bank Leimi’s efforts to boost the value of the bank’s gift card program and to create a customer-friendly shopping experience.

Bank Leumis, which has branches in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem and the occupied West Bank, said the pilot program will cost the bank $30 million, including $20 million for marketing.

The bank’s new bank gift card initiative aims to address the problem of low demand for gift-card purchases, Katz said.

“We want people to know that the bank has more than a million customers, and they can get their card for free,” Katz said, adding that the promotion is only for Israelis and the bank is working to get the discount in all branches.

“For people from other parts of the world, it will not help them much.”

The promotion will allow customers to use a gift card for any purchase made in the West, including those made with cash or cheques.

The bank will also offer a gift-cards coupon at checkout.

“The bank offers discounts on these cards, but we are trying not to make too much of a fuss,” Katz added.

“People can still buy gift cards in other ways.

They can buy them online, or they can buy from an ATM.”

The program will also allow the bank to charge extra fees to its customers, Katz added, as well as make other changes.

“All the changes will be in the same spirit.

We want to make sure that we don’t overcharge our customers,” he said.

The Bank Leuma initiative will be open to banks in Israel but will not extend to customers in the Palestinian territories.

The program comes after the Bank of Israel raised its gift card offering for Israel by $10,000 in 2016 to $100,000 a year.

The offer has been available since the fall of 2016.

The current program, which offers discounts for all banks, includes a one-time discount for Israeli citizens.

The previous program was limited to customers with Israeli passports.

Bank of America has offered a similar program for Palestinians in the past, but only for those living in the occupied territories.

Israel’s biggest bank, Bank Leuven, has also raised its discount offer, with a three-year offer available for Israeli residents of the occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank.

The current offer is available to customers living in those areas.

The initiative comes amid growing tensions between Israel and Palestinian leaders over the future of the Jewish state.

Palestinians in Israel accuse the Jewish State of violating international law and of discriminating against them.

Israel has long been criticized by international banks and others for its refusal to allow Palestinians access to their bank accounts and to allow them to deposit and withdraw money in international currencies, despite their right to do both.