#BREAKING: AT&T to boost the number of ad-free channels by 50%

At&t announced on Thursday that it will be launching ads-free channel channels for its customers on a new website.

AT&t has been a strong supporter of the Free Basics initiative, a free Internet platform that allows some small ISPs to provide basic services.

The move will be a boon to consumers who may want to use AT&ts data services and access the internet at a much lower cost than traditional carriers.

AT &t is rolling out the new free channel to subscribers in the US and in select European countries, with the goal of reaching more than half of US households by the end of next year.

At&ts CEO Randall Stephenson told the Associated Press that the new channel will be available for a limited time, but only for customers who sign up on the AT&s website for free.

The channel will offer ad-supported programming, including TV, radio and sports, according to the AP.

AT says it will also offer a free trial of the service, though customers will still need to pay to try it out.

AT and T are already the only major US telecoms to offer ad free channels.

The company is now expanding its offerings to include AT&T TV, a service that allows subscribers to watch the network’s programming on their TV sets.