Free music promotion from Applebee’s is coming to Disney+

Free music is finally coming to Applebee, Disney’s social media platform, as part of a push to help the company become more relevant to the millennial audience.

The platform will be free to users who sign up for the service and pay $10 a month for the ability to create a playlist, a feature Applebee also added to its website earlier this month.

Applebee’s will also offer a free music promotion for those who sign into the app.

Users will receive a special message when they sign up with their Apple ID to offer up the music, which will then be streamed by the app’s dedicated DJ.

The announcement comes after the company launched its free music promotions earlier this year.

Applebee will also be launching a new promotion in 2018 called “DJ for Free” for those using Apple Pay to get a free subscription to Spotify.

The new promotion will also come to the iOS platform.

The launch of the new Applebee promotions is notable given Applebee is a pioneer in digital music services, with Apple Music and Beats Music becoming the largest platforms for Applebee to make money.

Apple’s new music-streaming app, which it announced in February, will offer free streaming on all platforms.

The company has previously experimented with free music streaming, but has been hesitant to make a large push at this point, partly due to the expense of building out a platform.

Apple is also working on a new subscription service that will allow users to pay $9.99 per month for music-related services.

Apple also revealed on Wednesday that will be able to add new music to its lineup of curated plays.

The service will be available for $9 a month, with the option to choose between the curated plays from Spotify, Apple Music, Apple Beats Music, and other platforms.