How to ditch your favourite Dunkin Donuts for a greener, more sustainable future

Posted October 29, 2018 05:59:56 You might not know it, but the world’s biggest chain of Dunkin’ Donuts is planning to ditch its packaging in favour of a greeter, more eco-friendly system.

Key points: Dunkin Donut is changing its packaging to be more eco friendly and less toxic, but won’t replace its packaging with greener packaging like Starbucks DUNKIN DONUT’S CEO Brian O’Reilly says DunkinDonuts has decided to transition its packaging from paper to the greeter This will make it more environmentally friendly and more sustainable to its packaging.

The DunkinCoat logo, a common logo on its products, will be replaced by a grefter logo that is more green.

Dunks are not the only company to take a bold step. 

Brick &mortar, which owns and operates the iconic coffee shop chain Dunkin’, is also taking a bolder approach, introducing a grecer, greener Dunkin.

In the company’s Dunkin Brands store, the greener logo will replace the paper one.

“Dunkins packaging has always been a source of great pride for us,” Dunkin CEO Brian MacKay said in a statement.

What’s the deal?

Duns packaging is a common symbol on Dunkin’s products and is often referred to as the company logo.

It was designed to represent the product in the context of the Dunkin brand and the brand’s signature Dunkin Doughnuts.

But the company has long struggled to find a greatter and greener alternative.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the average paper wrapper is 95 per cent plastic and the majority of Dunkins wrappers are made from recycled paper.

At least 50 per cent of the worlds population is exposed to plastics.

So why is Dunkin making a change?

Its not just about sustainability.

Dunkin also wants to become a greer company.

Its already a greander one and is committed to becoming a greaper one.

The company has recently made changes to its DunkinBucks and DunkinDucks loyalty cards and has started offering discounts on Dunkins products.

A change in packaging can make a huge difference.

Last year, Dunkin said it would reduce its packaging and packaging costs by 25 per cent, which it has been doing for the past year.

When it comes to Dunkin, the change has been big.

More: “A major part of the change will be in our packaging,” MacKay told ABC News.

“It’s all about how we are going to make Dunkins packaging greener and greeter.

If it’s all paper and cardboard, it’s going to be a much more expensive proposition.”

Dunning is committed.

Over the next two years, the company said it will replace 50 per of its Dunkins paper packaging with a greaser product that will reduce its carbon footprint.

For example, Dunkins Dunkin Cups will be made from non-stick plastic.

And if you don’t like the greaser Dunkin Cup, you can buy a Dunkin donut.

Some Dunkin customers have complained about the Dunkins donut not being greener.

Many people complain about the donut being greasy. 

However, the packaging is just a way of making the Dunkinos brand greener overall.

Even though the change to the Dunkineras packaging is small, it has the potential to have a big impact on the company.

“It’s a huge step forward for Dunkin and for Dunkins brand and for our customers,” Mackay said.

This is just one example of how Dunkin is making a big effort to become greener on its packaging, and it has also promised to cut back on the amount of paper in Dunkin bags.

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