How to get your ad in Google’s YouTube videos

Google has been busy promoting YouTube videos over the last few years.

Google has started to integrate YouTube’s ad network with its YouTube Play Store, allowing it to display ads on YouTube videos.

The company is using the partnership with YouTube to show off its latest ad tech for the first time.

It has partnered with an ad agency, the ad tech firm, to create the ads for the latest version of the Android TV device.

Google has been using ad tech to create an Android TV ad campaign for a few years now, but the ad technology isn’t yet integrated with YouTube, the company said in a blog post announcing the partnership.

Google’s partnership with ad tech company AdWords and YouTube gives the company a way to promote video ads without requiring a third-party partner.

It was a long-time dream of mine that Google would allow third parties to run ads in YouTube videos, but there was a lot of work ahead of us to make that happen.

We hope the partnership can help us make that possible.

Google said the partners will help Google “continue to offer users better ads on its platform.”

We’re excited to be working with Google to bring this ad tech solution to YouTube.

We believe it will make it easier for consumers to find, discover, and enjoy content, and we’re thrilled to be able to make it available to our partners and partners’ users.

“This partnership is a first for Google, as YouTube has historically been an ad-free platform.

Google already allows ad-supported videos to be shown on Google Play and other platforms, but only on devices that support the ad network.

Google’s partnership means YouTube is the first video platform to show ads in a YouTube video.

The company has partnered on ad tech in the past, but has rarely shown ads in its videos.

YouTube has previously only shown videos with ads in the top left of the video.

Google will now allow third-parties to run Google’s ad ads on Google Video, which is currently the only platform that supports ad-powered video ads.

Google previously only allowed third-Parties to show YouTube videos with ad-sponsored ads.

Google also said it is now allowing Google Video users to use AdWords to display the ads.

The new feature will allow AdWords users to “opt in” to run ad-focused videos on YouTube.

AdWords users will be able display Google ads in videos that are sponsored by third parties and that have an “opt-in” status.

AdWords customers will be the first to be notified when an ad is shown on YouTube, and they can choose to accept or reject the ad.

Google says the new feature has been tested on a handful of YouTube videos and has “no technical issues.”

Google’s AdWords partners will also be able run Google Play ad-based ads.

This will allow users to show Google ads without having to choose whether or not they want to show them.

The new feature allows AdWords advertisers to show videos with sponsored ads, including ads on a third party’s ad platform.

Advertisers can also “opt out” of displaying Google ads.

Advertisers will be notified whenever a YouTube ad appears on their videos.

Google said that it is working with YouTube and third-Party partners to “make sure they are as seamless as possible.”