‘SiriusXm’ has gone viral with its ‘Fidelity’ promotions

The current McDonald’s promotions feature two new ads from the company.

The first features a ‘Meal Time’ ad with two girls who have a birthday party.

The second features two models who have an anniversary party.

The McDonald’s marketing team says they are aware that the promotion is a hit, but they think the ad is doing more good than harm.

They say that the two ads are both being run by a company called SIRUSXM, which stands for SiriusXM Entertainment.

McDonald’s has previously promoted SiriusXM, an internet radio station and music streaming service, and a music streaming portal called SOUNDS, which has a line of music.

The promotion is the latest in a series of promotions from McDonald’s, including a McDonald’s Big Mac Day promotion in which the company showed a video of a burger being prepared.