Why lowes is now on CBS Sports, ESPN.com, CBS Sports app

ESPN is celebrating its first-ever Cheddar ad with a $100 million buy of the sports website.

The deal was announced Thursday.

The ad, which features a picture of a Cheddar-branded car, will debut in all Cheddar markets on Friday.

The Cheddar brand is a mash-up of Coke and the initials for Cheddar, a company that makes low-carb, low-fat cheese products.

The ad, created by AdWords veteran Rob Liefeld and co-executive producer Mark Lefevre, stars the company’s senior director of brand development, Mike St. Clair.

It also features the company logo and the hashtag “#Cheddar4CBS.”

“Cheddar for CBS” will launch as a “regular” ad on the CBS Sports mobile app and the CBS app for Roku devices and Apple TV.

ESPN will also show “Cheddar 4 CBS” in select Cheddar television markets on Sunday, and in Cheddar TV ads and on Cheddar mobile ads.

ESPN also will begin selling a $25 Cheddar cupcake and a $50 Cheddar candy bar.

The ads will launch on the Cheddar website and in ESPN’s digital outlets.

The ad is the latest in a string of moves by ESPN that have pushed the company to become a more digital powerhouse.

The company also announced in May that it would acquire the Boston Globe for $1.9 billion in cash and stock, and it’s investing $1 billion in digital media.ESPN and ESPN Deportes, the company that broadcasts its NFL coverage, also launched a new digital ad platform for NFL fans earlier this year.ESPN said it plans to spend $5 million per week on advertising on the new platform, which will include digital platforms, mobile apps and video on demand.ESPN has also been aggressively targeting millennial viewers.

It’s the first company in sports to have a Millennial ad campaign that has featured millennial stars such as Jemele Hill and T.J. McFarland.ESPN also is airing a series of “Boomerang” ad spots that highlight the importance of being a millennial.

ESPN has also launched an ad campaign called “We Are Millennials,” highlighting the millennial success story of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the biggest college sports league in the world.