Jimmy Kimmel’s new video for his ‘Cox’ song has a lot to say about #Trump

Jimmy Kimmel is on a roll, as he continues to showcase his trademark flair for satire and political commentary on his popular daytime talk show.

He shared a new video, titled ‘Ccox,’ with his followers on Monday, with a theme that featured ‘Donald Trump’s worst fears, his worst enemies, his greatest friends, and the biggest jokes of his presidency.’

Cox, the singer’s debut single, is a nod to the president’s recent campaign-inspired feud with actor Robert De Niro, and it has received widespread praise on social media.’

Donald Trump, he was a bad guy, he lied, he cheated, and he stole the election,’ Kimmel said of the president.’

And yet, here he is, telling the world he’s going to put us back together, to be a president, to make us all stronger, to fix everything, to get back to the greatness that America was supposed to be.’

He said he’d fix everything,’ Kimmel continued.

‘But he didn’t.

He just told us he’d do it himself.

‘So here’s my song: ‘Cork’.’

Cork is the theme song to the new season of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

which will air on ABC on April 5.

Cox is the first single from Kimmel’s newest series, Jimmy Kimmel Presents: The Colbert Report, which he co-created with his friend Jay Pharoah.

The series stars Kimmel as the former host of The Late Show and a comedian who was recently replaced by Stephen Colbert, and is currently airing on HBO.

Jimmy Kimmel: ‘You know you love me when I’m a bit of a pussy’Read moreJimmy Kimmel, who previously hosted Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, recently opened up about his new show on the show, which premiered this month.’

I feel like it’s time to finally say goodbye to my old life, to say goodbye and thank you for everything that you’ve given me,’ Kimmel told The Late Late Show host Seth Meyers.’

It’s really, really fun to have you here.

I love you guys.

I think you guys are the best.

I mean, I have a lot of fun with you guys, and I just hope that you guys enjoy your time here.’

So let’s just say goodbye, and thanks for everything, and let’s be a great team.’

Kimmel also took a moment to take a shot at Donald Trump in the video.’

When I first got into politics, Donald Trump was one of my first idols,’ Kimmel explained.

‘And that’s why I thought, ‘I can do this.”

But it turns out he’s just not my idol, and you know what?

I still think that I’m gonna do the right thing.

‘Cuz I’m not going to let Donald Trump get away with this, and if I ever have to have my head bashed in, I’m going to kick his ass.’

You know, I really think the president is a bully.

He’s a bully, and we’re going to fight back.

You know, we’ve seen it with the people who want to go to jail over the election.

You have to be strong, we’re gonna fight back.’

Kissinger also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight to talk about the show.’

We’ll be back with more on Monday,’ Kimmel promised.