Samsung to start selling Android tablets with Samsung-designed graphics

Samsung is planning to introduce new tablets with graphics that feature Samsung’s logo and Samsung’s new “Samsung” design language, The Verge has learned.

The company said it would also introduce new Samsung-branded phones with Samsung’s design language and the “Samsung logo” branding on the sides of the phone, the Verge reported.

“Samsung’s new ‘Samsung’ design language is a natural evolution of the ‘Samsung-branded’ style of design we pioneered for the Galaxy S6,” the company said in a statement.

“This is a clear and powerful new direction for Samsung, which has made a concerted effort to redefine the smartphone experience.”

The news comes after Google, Microsoft and Apple each said they were preparing to launch new smartphones with Samsung designs.

The Verge first reported the plan.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S7 last year, with a Samsung-developed design language.

It’s a premium Android tablet that was initially only available in China, but it was later rolled out to more countries including the US and the UK.

The company is expected to start making phones using Samsung’s designs, though details of the designs have yet to be revealed.