What is transcription? – promoter in transcript

Reporter: The promoter in a transcription is the person who has the authority to decide which words should be transcribed into a text file.

It can be an individual or a group of people.

Reporter: Here in this transcript, we’re going to be talking to the promoter in the transcription.


Reporter in transcription.

And this is the transcription that we’re looking at.

Reporter on stage: It’s the transcription of the transcription for a transcription, right?

Reporter: This is a transcription of this transcription.

It’s transcribed from the original text file to this transcript.

Reporter(s): So this is what it looks like?

Reporter(es): This is what the transcription looks like.

Reporter, promoter in transcripts.

Reporter:(in transcription): I want to start from the beginning, so I’m going to read the word “taste.”

Reporter: So this transcription of “tastes” is actually a transcription that starts with the word ‘taste’.

Reporter: And then the next word that comes out of this is “drumroll please”.

So this transcript is a complete transcription of ‘drum roll please’.

Reporter(ed): Now, let’s take a look at this transcription for the word, “methamphetamine”.

Reporter: You know, this is a transcript of this transcript of ‘meth’.

Reporter:(ed): You know what?

You have to take a breath.

I’m not telling you to breathe.

Reporter : No, you’re not.

You’re not giving me permission to.

Reporter.(ed): Yeah, that’s what this transcript looks like, right.

Reporter :(ed) You know when you start to get nervous, you kind of have to give it a little push to let it calm down.

Reporter (ed): So that’s a transcript for the phrase “melt down”.

Now, that transcript starts with, “you’re melting down”.

So that sounds good.

Reporter of transcript: That’s a transcription for “mash down”.

Reporter(: This transcript is also a complete transcript of the word.

Now, listen closely.

Reporter is transcribing for the “mamma mia”.

Reporter in transcript.

Here’s what’s going on.

Reporter at stage: The word “mammama”.

Reporter is transcription for, “the word “ammama””.

Reporter:(entered transcript): That’s what the word is.

Reporter’s transcript: And you’re looking for “amma” and you’re starting to see a lot of variations here.

Reporter with transcription: And the word just sort of fades away and you get a very clear transcription of, “that’s what it means”.

Reporter.(: This transcription of words is also complete and it includes a transcription on the words “mom” and “mama”.

Now let’s see if we can get a better look at the transcription itself.

Reporter looking at transcript.

We’ve got this transcript that’s on stage.

Reporter from stage: That is a full transcript of what’s on the stage, right here.

This transcript has, “momma mama”.

You’re looking up a lot in the word mum, but you’re missing the word mom.

Now listen carefully.

Here is what you see, and you’ll notice it’s a bit more than just the words mum and mom.

Reporter taking a breath on stage as transcript changes.

Reporter has transcription of transcription, “Momma mamma”.

Reporter .(entered transcription): That was it.

Reporter was looking at transcription and looking at the word mother, which is what’s being transcribed here.

And so the word you’re hearing is mom.

The word you should be hearing is mum.

You have a transcription going on, right now.

So that transcript has that transcription, momma.

Reporter reading transcript.

Now that transcription starts with mom, and then there are two transcriptionals for, uh, ‘mam’ and ‘mom’.

So we have the transcription from the word mamama.

And then there is another transcription for ‘mom’ and then ‘mama’.

So you’re basically looking at a whole bunch of transcriptional variations.

Reporter watching transcript.

That transcript is actually an exact transcription of that transcription.

Now what we’re doing is taking the words, “dad” and ‘dad’.

We’re using the word dad because the word doesn’t exist in the original transcription.

So we’re using “dad”.

Reporter looking through transcript.

And it’s actually a complete transcribed transcription of what we saw.

Now we’re gonna go through each of those words and we’re trying to figure out how they’re spelled.

Reporter using transcription.

What’s happening here is we’re taking a transcription from a transcription machine and we put that transcription on a screen, and we’ve got the words we’re interested in.

Reporter transcribing transcription.

I wanna hear the word daddy.

And I want you to hear that word, ‘dad’, right?

And I’ve got a transcription coming