When Netflix has the best deals for low-income viewers

The popular streaming video service has long been known for its low prices and generous perks for subscribers.

Netflix now has one of the lowest prices for a DVD or Blu-ray rental for any major streaming video streaming service, with prices starting at just $7.99 for a 30-day rental.

While Netflix is no longer offering a Netflix-branded subscription for those who are currently enrolled in the company’s standard plan, the company still offers a number of other benefits for its subscribers.

In addition to the $7 per month Netflix plan, those who subscribe to the company are able to enjoy unlimited streaming video and playlists.

Netflix also offers a 30 percent discount on all movies purchased from its library, which includes the likes of “Lone Survivor,” “A Fistful of Dollars,” and “The Social Network.”

However, if you subscribe to a traditional Netflix package, you’ll still have to pay $19.99 per month for that service.

If you’re interested in getting more bang for your buck with Netflix, here’s what you need to know about how to sign up.