Why you should never take a photo of a billboard promotion

Why you shouldn’t take a picture of a advertisement.

Advertisers can’t tell you exactly what they’re selling you, but they can tell you which of the many different images they have on offer.

Some of them are easy to spot, others more subtle.

So why do so many people go for a photo opportunity that doesn’t even seem to have an ad on it?

Advertising can be confusing.

It can also be very dangerous, as we’ll discuss in this week’s podcast.

You should never go looking for an ad, even if you think you might find one.

You should, however, consider whether a billboard you see may actually be an advert.

Here are the things you need to know:You’re not buying an ad.

It’s not for you.

It’s not a promotional message.

You’ve never seen an advertisement on a billboard.

You’ve seen it in other places.

It may look like an advertisement, but it’s not.

You’re just trying to make yourself look cool, so take a selfie.That’s it.