You can sell yourself for cash at T-Mobile’s Best Bank promotions

You can actually sell yourself to the best banks.

That’s the premise behind the T-mobile’s Best Banks promotion, which allows you to earn cash from your T-Mo account for participating in T-Mobility’s Best Buy promotions.

Here’s how to participate: 1.

Sign up to use your TMO account to earn a credit for participating.

To earn the credit, sign in to your TMobile account, log in to Best Buy, and then tap on the “Best Buy” button.2.

Tap on “Promotions” under “Best Bank” and then select the “T-Mobile” promotion.3.

Tap “Create Account” under the “Promotion” section.4.

Enter your Tmo account information.5.

Tap the “Create Promotional” button to begin the promotion.6.

Complete the form below to earn the cash.7.

You will receive an email to confirm the credit and will receive a reminder once you receive the credit.

T-mobile will then send you an email within 24 hours with the information for how to redeem the cash at Best Buy.

Source: T-MOBILE, Best Buy | Image: TMobile