Costco Membership Promotions – Diamond Sports Promotion

The costco loyalty program is back and better than ever with the addition of the diamond sports promotion.

Starting today, members of the costco will be able to join a variety of the company’s premium sports offerings and get more value for their membership.

In addition to the costcos signature sport of baseball, the company is also offering golf, tennis, and the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and the NHL’s New Jersey Devils as well as the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

Members will be entitled to access the latest price promotions from the company, which include an annual fee of $49.95, and up to 25 percent off the price of a specific product.

Additionally, the costcros membership program is available to new and existing members with a valid credit card. 

According to the company on its website, the diamond sport promotion is the latest in a series of costco promotions that include the new season of ‘The Price Is Right’ and a ‘Diamond Sports’ series of discounts. 

The company previously announced a new offer for the NFL, but it has yet to be released.