How to use Facebook’s new sponsored posts in your videos

Featured Stories Share Facebook ads on your favorite sites, like YouTube, and Twitter.

You can then create and promote your own videos to earn a few clicks.

The ads will appear in your timeline with a link that says “like this post” or “follow this post.”

Once you like the post, it will be featured in your video.

Facebook has created the new feature to allow brands to show their support and to promote their videos through their social media channels.

Advertisers are able to create, show, and sell Facebook-sponsored videos to reach millions of users.

Facebook says its sponsored posts are free, but the ads are only free to publishers who are registered.

The social media company has been experimenting with ad placements on YouTube for years.

The platform recently announced it will pay a percentage of YouTube’s ad revenue to publishers for the right to run their videos.

This means YouTube could potentially be worth tens of millions of dollars in ad revenue.

Facebook’s sponsored posts allow you to use your own video as a platform to promote your brand and to gain more exposure on social media.

Ads are placed on the top and bottom of your videos.

The Facebook ads appear on the first page of your timeline and are hidden to your right-hand side of the video.

Once you click the “like” or the “follow” button, the ad will appear on your video in a vertical position.

The video has a small icon next to the banner, which says “Like” and “Follow” to the right of the image.

Facebook will then place an ad in the video to your left, and you’ll be able to share your video with a few people by clicking on the “share” button on the ad.

The “Like, Like, Like” button can be clicked on multiple times to see a preview of the ad in your feed.

The banner shows you the video in full resolution, so you can click to zoom in and out and view it.

If you like a video, the video will start playing.

Facebook ads can appear in the bottom left of your Timeline or at the top of your video, as long as the video is hosted on the platform.

When you click on the banner to share a video with others, you can then choose whether you want to “like,” “share,” or “unlike.”

If you choose to “unliked” the video, you won’t see it in your Timeline.

If a video has an image in it, Facebook will show you the link for that video.

If the video has video and audio, the text will appear underneath the video so you know if it is the video or the audio.

Facebook currently offers sponsored posts on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook already has the ability to place ads on YouTube videos, but it has been testing this feature for some time.

Facebook is also looking to expand its ad offerings on other platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.