Instagram ad shows up on my timeline, then disappears

Posted October 12, 2018 05:04:37The photo-sharing app Instagram has been a popular way to share content online since its launch in 2011.

But since its release, the company has been forced to adjust its algorithms to remove links to the photos it has been posting, and now it has started to delete some of its photos from the company’s timeline.

The photos that Instagram has deleted are mostly promotional images, which it considers “badge images.”

But users are now reporting that they have found their own images on the app’s photo-sorting page that they had previously tagged “promotional.”

This is a new development for the social-media company, which is facing growing pressure to remove content that is deemed to be spammy or inappropriate, and has been under scrutiny for its practices in recent months.

Users have also been complaining about Instagram’s algorithm being broken in a way that it is not showing the full content of posts, according to The Next Word, which reported on the issue.

Users on the social network have complained about a series of posts that appear to show posts that are deleted from Instagram.

Some of the posts are not deleted, but are instead replaced with a new image that is displayed in the app.

Users say that these posts are marked as spam by Instagram’s algorithms, and have been removed from the platform.

Users are also reporting that their own photos on the Instagram photos-sorter page have been erased, and are instead being displayed in a new post that is not labeled as spammy.

Instagram is not immediately available for comment.