When it comes to the UFC, we’re the most important promotion in sports-entertainment, says Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy is a legend.

He’s the greatest ever.

He’s had more than two dozen consecutive UFC title defenses, including his last title fight.

And he’s only 30 years old.

And while his career might be over, Hardy is not going anywhere.

He just wants to keep his head high.

It’s the mindset that Hardy has learned the hard way in his 15-year UFC career.

Hardy, who has earned $100 million from the UFC and the WEC, is now the first black man to hold the UFC heavyweight championship.

It was the title Hardy’s dad, Donnie, gave him as a boy.

And the title he got from the legendary Michael Chandler in 1998, the last time he won a title.

He knows that it’s the most powerful thing that could ever happen to him.

It also is a fact that, at the end of the day, you don’t win by being the best.

Hardy says, “You win by putting yourself in the best position possible to win.”

And he understands that it takes a special type of fighter.

Hardys father was a world champion fighter, the kind that’s rarely seen in the UFC.

Hardies dad, who fought on the heavyweight division of the WWF, fought on five occasions, and only once was he the champion.

Hardy fought twice on the UFC’s main card, twice in the prelims, once on FOX and once on UFC Fight Pass.

It took three rounds for Hardy to earn a shot at the title.

It took one of those fights for Hardy and UFC President Dana White to realize they could do it.

They went to the top of the cage and had a rematch with the champ, Chris Weidman.

Weidmann, who was coming off a loss, was on the edge of tears and had just been knocked out by Anthony Pettis.

Weiderman and Pettis had fought three times, and the judges had given Pettis the victory.

The first round went to Weidermans ear.

He missed two big kicks in the first round.

He also missed a right hand in the second round.

That left him in a 1-1 tie.

Then came the next big blow.

Weiders nose hit Pettis in the jaw and knocked him out.

Weiderman had no choice but to get back in the fight and was the first one to do so.

Hardy got in on the action and knocked Pettis out with a straight right.

Then Weider had to get up and give it to Hardy, who had a couple of punches in the clinch.

He then went back to work.

After the fight, Pettis said he was happy with the result.

He had a few words of praise for Hardy.

“We were a good match up.

He was a great athlete.

He won a world title, he was a legend,” Pettis told FOX Sports.

“I don’t think anybody could beat him.

We’ll see what happens.

We’re just going to see how the day goes.”

Hardy says he understands the pressure of the UFC title shot.

He wants to make the most of it and be the best fighter he can be.

The thing that separates Hardy from other fighters is his love of the sport.

And that’s why he is so invested in the sport he loves.

Hardy loves it for what it is.

He loves the competition.

He doesn’t want to be the next guy that is going to take the title off of somebody else.

He is a hard worker.

He trains hard.

And he’s not going to let anything stand in the way of him taking the title, either.

It takes a champion to go out there and win.

Hardy is the kind of champion that just does it.

He comes out there with the best intentions.

He works extremely hard, and that’s what makes him such a hard-working fighter.

It doesn’t take a lot of guts to get in there and take a fight.

We are just going for it, and I’m going to do everything I can to get it.

It might be a long way from there, but Hardy has done that before.

He made his way into the UFC in 2008.

He lost a first round fight with Rashad Evans in a title eliminator.

And when Evans pulled out of the fight after a little while, Hardy made his move.

Hardy then won the belt from Evans.

That’s when the pressure started.

He got in there with his teammates and beat Evans.

Hardy did the same thing against Pettis, which made him the first guy to do it, too.

But that wasn’t the only time Hardy has made it to the title shots.

Hardy was the champion against Anderson Silva in 2015, then again in 2016.

He also fought once on the FOX card, once in the main event of the event and the last two in the preliminary