When you buy a boohoo bottle of shampoo, you can be billed for a boahoo promotion

LAS VEGAS — It’s one of those things that can be a no-brainer for a lot of people, but you don’t know what you’re going to pay until you do it.

You don’t get to see what you are actually getting for your money until you spend it.

But the new shampoo bottle promotions by online retailers Boohoo and Wet n Wild, in which customers can pay for a bottle of a product or get a coupon for a shampoo with a Boohowoo logo, is a sign that the industry is catching on.

Boohoo spokeswoman Molly Denny said the company is trying to bring in more shoppers with coupons and the new promotions.

“We’re trying to expand our reach into areas that people are more likely to be spending their money on, like online and loyalty programs,” Denny told ABC News.

Wet n Wild spokeswoman Natalie Kiely said the promotions are designed to make shoppers feel good about buying the shampoo and get more people to sign up for the loyalty programs.

“When you’re a customer, you know the value of that shampoo,” Kieley said.

But for some, like Landon Taylor, the Boohoos are just a convenient way to get the shampoo at a discount.

He bought one bottle of Boohoot last week.

The discount is 10% off and he’s used it for $30.

It cost him $150 at the store and was cheaper than the other brands.

Taylor said he’s not disappointed.

“I’m very happy with it, I just wish I would have known about it sooner,” he said.

“I was surprised to see it because I thought it would be $150, $200, I thought maybe I’ll get a $25 discount.”

A few months ago, Taylor and a friend spent $100 on a shampoo that cost $40.

Now they’ve used it on four different occasions.

“It’s pretty much saved my life,” Taylor said.

Whip up a few drinks and you could easily spend $1,500 on a bottle.

But when the price drops to $50, it’s hard to justify spending another $60.

Taylor doesn’t believe Boohos shampoo coupons will be the only product to go down the drain.

“The other brands have a huge market share, they can do anything,” he added.

“If they have the opportunity, they will have the chance to get more consumers, but I’m not expecting it anytime soon.”