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                         Introduction to ” Digital Marketing “

 What Is Marketing ?

Marketing is a Process of Creating , Communicating, and delivery the “value”. that profits both Customers and Company.


Introduction to Digital Marketing: 

Digital Marketing is a Technique of Marketing that involves uses of digital medium such as internet and Wireless connections for creating AwarenessConsiderationPurchase and Loyalty for a Brand, Products and Services.

                                                                 Career Options  

                                           1. SEO                          2. Social Media Manager                      3. Digital Media Planner

                                            4. Adwords Campaign Manager         5. Content Marketer     6. Affiliate Marketer  


                                                                                     7.  E-commerce Sales Professional

If you want to make your own Business.

1. Digital Marketing Agency

2.E-commerce Merchant


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                     Traditional – VS – Digital Mrketing

Traditional Marketing-

1.) It is Present on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Banners, Pamphlet etc.

2.) It is A One way Communication.

3.) Can’t track traffic.( Customers)

4.) Reach Local Area.

5.) Not Targeting Marketing.

Digital Marketing-

1.) It is present on all Global with the help of Internet, Social Media, Websites, Email, SMS, Affiliate etc.

2.) It is a Two way Marketing

3.) Easily track traffic.

4.) Reach Global(Anywhere)

5.) We can easily Target on Customers According to Need.

Constituents of Digital Marketing


Traffic Acquisition Channels-                                                Supporting Channels-

  1. Search Engine                                                                     1. Mobile Marketing

  2. Social Media                                                                       2. Websites

  3. Email Marketing                                                                 3. Analytics

  4. Affiliate Marketing

  5. Display Advertising

Traffic Acquisition Channels

  1. Search Engine


Search Engines is a Platform where we can search anything about information like pic, place, location, name etc. 


Top 5 Search Engines

  • Google

  • Bing

  • Yahoo

  • DuckDuckGo

  • Ask.com                                                           

  1. Social Media 

Social Media involves interaction with the people for the create awareness about the products, services, etc. and share with each others.

  1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best way interact with peoples  about the awareness of the Products and Services and get Feedback also. it’s a cheapest way of Marketing..

Why Email Marketing ?

  • Cheap(less Cost)

  • Easy Send

  • Flexible

  • Personality

  • Easy to Track

  • Send according to Schedule


  1. Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a part of Marketing it’s creating and running Ads across diffrent websites ,its a Brand Building Method of Marketing.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate promotes the products and services or website of other businesses promoted with commission

 Supporting Channels

  1. Mobile Marketing

  1. Easy to Use

  1. Flexibility

  1. 24*7 services

  1. Generally everyone use

  1. Easy Connectivity

  1. Mobile Apps

  1. Websites

Websites is a Group of Web Pages. there we advertisement or sell     our products and services.

Websites IS A Hub of-

  1. Search                                  4. Social

  2. Display                                5. Affiliate

  3. Email

  1. Analytics

Web Analytics is a Platform there we can track and trace of traffics , clicks ,Impressions , Conversions everything we can see on my Websites.

         Digital  Marketing  Framework ( User Framework)

  •  4 Key objectives of Marketing

  •   It’s Called 360′ Marketing also

  1. Awareness – Unaware to Aware

  2. Consideration – Aware to Interest

  3. Purchase – Interest to Buy

  4. Loyalty – Buy to Loyalty

  1.    Loyalty                             3.  Purchase

  1.    Awareness                            2.  Consideration